Sell your hotel reservation today!


Sell your hotel reservation today!

Post your listing in three simple steps


Enter Reservation Details

The intake form is designed especially by our experts to make the sales process easy. It is intentionally detailed to ensure the successful sale of your non-refundable reservation. You are given a chance to add a personal touch, confirm all your details and read our terms and conditions before giving us the final ok to handle the sale on your behalf.


Create an account

Once you have initiated the sales process by entering the details of your reservation into our system, you will be redirected to our “create an account” page or asked to log in if you already have an account with us. This step is critical in ensuring we have all the information we need to notify you when a buyer has purchased your reservation.


Track Listing

That’s it. You’re now good to go. You can track the status of your listing and are free to update the price or remove the listing at any point until it appears as “sold”. We work behind the scenes to ensure the sales process moves along smoothly, the hotel you originally booked with is on board and we have the greenlight needed to transfer the reservation to a potential buyer.

Traveluro does everything we can to promote the sale of your non-refundable reservation so you can recover maximum loss without wasting valuable time.

Customers recommend

Sambath Bo

The best thing is that the guest have the option to sell a non-refundable reservation to get some money back


So So impressed with Cancelon! Managed to sell my hotel within 5 days, Really friendly customer service, slick process

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting stuck with unused hotel reservations is a loose loose situation for the traveler and the hotel.
Nearly 30% of hotel rooms are vacant on average while the resale of hotel rooms is possible.
Simply resell your hotel room on 
  1. Enter your reservation details on the form.
  2. Select the price to sell your reservation. Use auto-pricing for best results.
  3. Review the listing details and post it for sale.
  4. Sign up for a Cancelon account to monitor progress on the My Listings page.
  5. We will verify the details with the hotel and will notify you once verification is complete and your deal is on sale.
  6. We will then push your offer to the worldwide travel market.
  7. Once sold - we will send you an email.
  8. Your money will be transferred to you via PayPal two days after your reservation check out date, minus our 10% fee.

1.Select the  “Sell”  option on our homepage. Follow the instructions to enter your reservation details. 2.If you haven’t already, log into your account or create one so you can continue the sales process and upload your listing easily.  3.Check your inbox for notifications from us including the initial confirmation of your listing details as well as updates on when we have secured a buyer interested in your reservation. 4.Once the verification process is complete your reservation will be live and fellow travelers will be free to view and buy it. 5. You will be notified as soon as your reservation has been sold. Our team will transfer the name on the reservation to the buyer's name. 6. Payment for your sold reservation are made one day after the checkout date. We will ask you to provide us with your Paypal account information in order to issue the payment.

In order for your reservation to be viable for sale, it must be a valid booking that was prepaid, non refundable and listed for sale within no less than 48 hours prior to check in. Before you attempt to sell your reservation with Cancelon, make sure to contact the hotel or travel agency to find out whether or not your reservation is transferable. If you need assistance or have any questions please contact customer support here and a member of our team will be happy to help. 

It is free to transfer a reservation to a different name. Cancelon charges a fee of 10% of the final sale price to cover its costs if you sell your booking to another user.

We will email you and let you know when a prospective buyer has been secured and then notify you once the sale has successfully gone through. In your "my account" area you can also check the status of your listing to see if has been sold.

Currently, reservations sold on Cancelon must be sold for the exact dates of the original reservation booked. This is because hotels do not allow you to split an existing booking between two different travelling parties.

Choose the pricing method that best suits you. Our price manager will allow you to set the value of your reservation yourself or choose the auto pricing method which sets the price for you based on market value for your reservation at that time.

In order to increase your chances of selling your reservation, we recommend pricing your listing at least 20% lower than current market prices. Also, our research shows that sharing your listing on social media increases your chances of selling by at least 30%, depending on the number of followers you have.

Cancelon will change the name and transfer the reservation on your behalf.

When you sign into your account you will be able to view all your listings in the "my account" area. From there you can view, edit or remove your listing at any time until the reservation has been sold. Once it has been sold changes can no longer be made to your listing.

Sell your hotel reservation today!

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